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Lady Angelica Fable

I am glad you have come to visit.

We are now located in the state of Kentucky

I specialize in beautiful, healthy and loving Yorkshire Terriers.

I have many photos of my Yorkshires and their offspring.
You will find my Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale on the nursery pages.
I have moved my website to Yahoo.  My new domain
name is www.SalliesYorkshires.com . So you will find
some changes in how my site is formatted.
No stress this should be a snap.
You will find links below to each of my pages as well
as links to enter the Nursery and Pedigree websites.
Yes I still have my old site as well.

Updating website now.
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Hi there. I am the painter and I am working around the site painting designs, patching up and
all round fix it
Bear. I have a few bear friends who say they are helping but you'll see them from
time to time. Some work, some play. My friend, the
Mouse, works with me as well. You will see
him hand painting the proper text around the site. You will see a few other mice as well, some
are proof reading, some are teasing the dogs and others are running. While we work hard on
updating our new website, I hope you take the time to visit our pages as well as our links.
Below you will find buttons that will take you to different pages.
The links will take you to the Nursery Website and the Pedigree Website.

Oh...by the way... if the see the lazy bears about will you tell them to get to work for me. They
tend to be one page ahead of me when I look for them...Enjoy your visit...and watch out for wet
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Updated April 2012
New changes coming
As I am always updating my site it
is good to hit your refresh button .
Too see puppies for sale
All of my Yorkshire Terriers are registered with the
American Kennel Club.
New puppy...
                         I am the worker Bear..